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A number of Sichuan listed liquor companies responded with shock. The IPO of “fruit first shares” ended flat. Chairman Feihe talked about rapid adjustment. Oatly promoted coconut flavored oat milk. McDonald’s considered selling Korean business

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Many Sichuan listed liquor enterprises responded with shock

Today, a 6.8-magnitude earthquake occurred in Luding County, Ganzi Prefecture, with a focal depth of 16 kilometers. The directors’ and secretarial offices of several listed Baijiu companies in Sichuan Province, Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, shede liquor, Swellfun and other enterprises all responded that they felt the shock, but there was no clear impact on the enterprises. The company has no local distillery in Luding County. Among them, Luzhou Laojiao responded that “the company is in the process of investigation and has not received any influential news at present”. Shuijingfang, located in Chengdu and a little closer to Luding County, said that at present, people living in Chengdu feel the earthquake because of the epidemic, but it has no impact on buildings, such as wineries and wine cellars. “It should be OK.”. (Finance Associated Press)

Hongjiu fruit was flat after being listed today

Today, Hongjiu fruit, an investment of Alibaba, was officially listed on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange, with an IPO price of HK $40 / share. As of today’s closing, the stock was quoted at HK $40, up or down 0%. Previously, the public offering of Hongjiu fruit in Hong Kong recorded 2086 subscriptions, only 0.6 times the subscription, and the international offering was slightly oversubscribed, 0.96 times the overbooking. 45% of the proceeds from the listing of the company will be used to improve its fruit supply chain. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

Feihe chairman responds to the voice of doubt caused by the decline in performance

A few days ago, in response to the voice of some doubts in the capital market caused by the predicted decline of performance in the first half of the year, Leng Youbin, chairman of Feihe, said in the living room of Zhongshang association that if you don’t do well, you should admit it. The chairman should take responsibility and review your own problems. The key is to find solutions. How to change the impression of investors next is currently undergoing rapid adjustment in all aspects. (CCTV capital eye)

Vice president of Yuanqi forest: repurchase rate is the most direct factor to test the quality of food and beverage

A few days ago, Huang Jian, vice president of Yuanqi forest, said in an interview that “for food and beverage, whether there is sugar or no sugar, the most essential core of competition has not changed: one is good ingredients and high quality, and the other is delicious and drinkable, which can meet the needs of most consumers. In the future, only products that meet the expectations of consumers will be re purchased, and the re purchase rate is the most direct factor to test their quality.” (Zhongxin Jingwei)

Yuanqi forest enters more channels in Malaysia
Recently, Yuanqi forest has reached cooperation with Berjaya group (Malaysia success group), a local enterprise in Malaysia, and has completed 80% of the laying of CVS sales channels in Malaysia. Yuanqi forest has entered more than 2000 local 7-11 and 350 mynews, as well as channels such as cumart and Emart. (issued by the company)
Yili releases “high yield management Treasure Book of pasture”
Today, at the 13th China dairy industry conference, Yili released the selected high-yield ranch management technology for the whole industry again after releasing the ranch management practical manual in 2021. (issued by the company)

“Jialiquan” completed nearly 100 million yuan of round B financing

Today, Tiantu venture capital’s wechat official account released mineral water products

Suntory accelerates the development of canned cocktail products

Suntory, a Japanese beverage giant, launched a strong lemon beer in Australia last year and quickly became a best-selling product in the canned cocktail market in that country. Now, Suntory hopes to replicate this success in the North American market. Suntory believes that the global sales of canned cocktails will double again from the level in 2020, and will exceed 60 billion US dollars by 2030. (Reuters)

Preventive recall of a baby food supplement in Germany

A few days ago, newdigia announced a preventive recall of a batch of “milupa milchbrei grie ß brei MIT cornflakes” complementary food products in the German market, with a shelf life of September 30, 2023 and a delivery date of July 26 to August 26. The reason for the recall is that plastic sheets may be included. (efoodalert)

Fast reading of food industry information
More than 70% of snack food listed companies increased income in the first half of the year

According to the Ifind data of flush, 15 of the 20 listed companies in the snack food industry in A-share realized operating income growth in the first half of the year, accounting for 75%; Nine companies achieved double growth in operating income and net profit, accounting for 45%, which shows that the industry as a whole has strong resilience. (Securities Daily)

First reading of scientific consensus on food sweeteners

Recently, the China new consumption health industry forum was held in Beijing. At the same time, the scientific consensus on food sweeteners (2022) prepared by the Kexin food and health information exchange center was first interpreted. The consensus believes that it is the development trend of the food industry to replace or partially replace added sugar with sweeteners. (China Nutrition and Health Food Association)

The euro fell to its lowest point against the US dollar since 2002

At about 5:45 GMT, the euro fell to US $0.9883 per euro, the lowest since December 2002. (refer to message network)

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A number of Sichuan listed liquor companies responded with shock. The IPO of “fruit first shares” ended flat. Chairman Feihe talked about rapid adjustment. Oatly promoted coconut flavored oat milk. McDonald’s considered selling Korean business





日本饮料巨头三得利公司去年在澳大利亚推出了一款浓郁的柠檬味啤酒,并迅速成为该国罐装鸡尾酒市场的畅销产品。现在,三得利希望在北美市场复制这一成功。三得利认为,全球罐装鸡尾酒销售额将从 2020 年的水平再次翻番,到2030年将超过600亿美元。(路透社)


日前,纽迪希亚宣布在德国市场预防性召回一个批次”Milupa Milchbrei Grießbrei mit Cornflakes”辅食产品,保质期为2023年9月30日,发货日期为7月26日至8月26日,召回原因是当中可能包含有塑料片。(efoodalert)










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