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This summer, no one can escape the “crazy four” Literature

tell me loudly, what’s today?  



This summer, no one can escape the “crazy four” literature.
As a 5g surfer, you may not know what new products KFC has recently released, but you may not have heard of the “crazy Thursday”, a “regular” Internet Carnival:
KFC will launch promotional activities every Thursday, and the actual income is unknown, but because of the slogan of “crazy Thursday”, netizens have created various meaningless secondary creations closely around these five words——
The topic of # KFC crazy Thursday # alone had nearly 2 billion reads and 4 million discussions on Weibo; The data of the new list shows that in the past week (August 24 to August 30), the topics related to “crazy Thursday” have reached a million level of communication.
Good Thursday. Who is crazy?

This summer, no one can escape the “crazy four” Literature
How popular is “crazy four” literature?
According to Baidu Index, every Thursday, a group of “crazy four” literary giants will emerge on the Internet, and most of the participants are netizens in Guangdong and Jiangsu. They launched relevant creation on the Internet, and the search index of “crazy Thursday” will peak accordingly – this summer, the popularity of “crazy Thursday” increased by 224% month on month.
What is “crazy four literature”?
For example, the most common way of expression is “popular film and television two creations + Qin Shihuang fraud SMS”. The creator will first start with a story, and then add a series of blunt turns to draw people’s attention to “crazy Thursday”:
Hello, I’m detective Kudo Shinichi, a high school student. I was just knocked unconscious in the playground. I was forced to drink APTX-4869 by the organization in black. Now my body has turned into a child. It’s said that crazy Thursday Golden Chicken Nuggets have miraculous effects. I hope everyone can help me 50.
For another example, the homophonic stem in the talk show that money should be deducted can also be used in “crazy four literature”——
My family asked for help. I asked for marriage in September. Which temple should I go to?
A. Lingyin Temple B, Hongfa Temple
C. Mannu Temple D, KFC crazy Sunday Temple
This homophonic stem is not completely rotten, because there is really a “crazy Sunday Temple” in real life——
The “Kaifeng cuisine” in the figure below is located in Xiangshan Lake Park, Zhuhai. It comes with a dignified and atmospheric long step and plaque filter. This fate is indeed a “Temple”.

The theme of the “crazy four” literature is actually very simple:
The first is to review the reasons why we are here today (Thursday), and the second is to express our cash strapped and urgent request for money (V50). As long as these two preconditions are met, people can create freely without limitation on style and number of words.
At first glance, isn’t the “crazy four” literature quite good
McDonald’s launched the “8.8 member’s Day” at that time. People can buy an original braised chicken leg burger for 5 yuan every Wednesday; KFC launched “crazy Thursday”, where people can buy 9 golden chicken nuggets for 9.9 yuan every Thursday——
Therefore, from August 9, 2018, we had “crazy Thursday”.
The emergence of “crazy four literature” is actually the result of a “two-way rush”.
On the one hand, for young people whose consumption tends to be rational, generous and stingy, the preferential strength in “crazy Thursday” is a bright spot in itself——
How many people secretly treasured dozens of paper coupons from McDonald’s and KFC when they were young, and then learned Amway’s wool pulling skills from each other in the “Douban stingy group” when they grew up? In the so-called “crazy Thursday”, we will not miss the great opportunity to have another “V-50” with friends and relatives Amway.
On the other hand, for young people who love to build blockages and surf the Internet, “crazy four” literature is also popular because it conforms to the current language habits of surfers:
In the interview with jiupai news, Wang rang, a lecturer in the advertising department of the school of Journalism and information communication of Huazhong University of science and technology, said that, like other “Internet Literature” that has become popular on the Internet, people can “not only show their humorous and interesting side, but also achieve the social attribute of” connecting with friends “.
“Crazy four” literature is popular among young people.  
Young people are enough to support the event. At the end of 2021, a “crazy four Literature Festival” was also held. The official personally went off to play tricks, searched the whole network for “crazy four” literary giants, and wiped out “crazy four” literature in one net. The popularity of the activity remained high for a while.
In August 2022, a “official announcement” related to “crazy Thursday” set off a small climax——

Previously, a “crazy four” writer used homophonic stem and p-chart technology, saying that vivo would launch a special customized mobile phone called “vivo 50” (V I 50). Vivo gave an official response, saying: “if you really succeed in joint signing (not necessarily mobile phones), you can smoke one person, V is 50 for your life.”
In a short tweet, 26000 retweets were obtained, which is 5000 times that of vivo’s usual Weibo retweets. It has to be said that young people get preferential treatment, while the brand side earns popularity. This wave of three parties has won. It is difficult to think about “crazy four” literature.
Another homophonic stem, enough!  
Is “crazy four” literature a false prosperity
However, the popularity of the “crazy four” literature competition has given birth to a “new type of fraud” in the domestic market:
Every Thursday, many netizens will make up stories as the premise, and the final end is “today’s crazy Thursday V I 50”. However, most people did not eat KFC after receiving the money. In case of such incidents, please be vigilant.
This is also a joke, but how much is the carrying capacity of “crazy Thursday”? In fact, according to the parent company’s disclosure
[1] Scholars talk about the popularity of KFC’s “crazy four literature”: the creation threshold is low, the social content is satisfied, and it is uncontrollable to a certain extent | nine school news [2] “crazy four literature”: find simpler pleasures of life in addition to a sense of ritual and identity |

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This summer, no one can escape the “crazy four” Literature
此前,有“疯四”文学家运用谐音梗和P图技术,称vivo将推出“vivo 50”(V我50)特别定制款手机。而vivo则给出了官方回应,称:“要真的联名成功了(不一定是手机),就抽一个人,V你一辈子50。”

这同样是一个玩笑,但 “疯狂星期四”的带货能力究竟有多少?实际上,根据母公司披露的最新财报,2022年上半年,肯德基的总收入同比下滑8%,经营利润同比下滑49%。


[1] 学者谈肯德基“疯四文学”流行:创作门槛低,满足社交属性,一定程度上不可控|九派新闻
[2] “疯四文学”:在仪式感与认同外,找到更简单的生活乐趣|知著网



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