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With “dregs” to drink, it is also soft and smooth. Kagome whole bean soymilk daily new stew Vol.33

Focus on the flash products of the new platform “daily new product soup”, with a special deconstruction and presentation from the professional perspective of foodaily, and promote the acceleration of industry innovation with the inspiration of one in ten thousand!

Product features:
Bean dregs and soy milk double nutrition
Kagome is the largest supplier of ketchup and tomato juice in Japan. While concentrating on developing tomato juice with different characteristics, kagome is also good at tapping the potential of fruit and vegetable juice, and has constantly launched fruit and vegetable nutrition as the main element of fruit and vegetable drinks. Among them, wild vegetable life is well known and loved by Chinese consumers.
In March this year, kagome launched a soybean milk beverage with smooth and soft taste. Carefully select soybean varieties with less astringency, less beany smell and high sweetness, squeeze them into smooth soybean milk, and use them directly without removing soybean residue, with soft taste. In addition to drinking directly, it can also be used as a coffee companion to make soy milk latte.
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Fruits and vegetables are essential elements of kagome’s products, and this soy milk is no exception. The product formula is rich in grapes and tomatoes, which not only endows the product with sweet and fresh taste, enriches the taste level, but also ensures the dietary fiber content. This series has two packaging specifications, 200ml and 1L, which are sugar free and cholesterol free. With its rich nutrition and sweet taste, this product won the third place in the “best dairy product & plant-based dairy product soymilk” in the mognavi snack awards in Japan in the first half of 2022.
From the inside to the outside, it comes from plants
Low carbon sustainability has become an important weight for all kinds of products to please consumers. Kagome has designed 100% plant-based straws and bottle caps for both types of soymilk. It uses plant-based materials from inside to outside, and carries out the green concept to the end. It can be called the “environmental protection pioneer” in the soymilk market.
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Recommended reasons for foodaily:

Whole bean processing, leading the new upgrade of soybean milk industry
In general, whether it is homemade soymilk or industrialized soymilk drinks, the bean dregs are directly thrown away as waste materials. Because of its obvious beany flavor, even if it is rich in food fiber and plant protein than soymilk and tofu, it can only be used as animal feed inefficiently.
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However, with the increasing refinement and specialization of the domestic feeding industry, the advantage of soybean dregs is no longer in front of more high nutritional density and cost-effective feeds. How to use soybean dregs effectively and sustainably has become a problem that must be considered in the operation of soybean milk enterprises.
In the soybean milk industry, there has long been the development of “whole soybean milk” including soybean dregs. Ancestral name, doubendou and other brands have launched whole soymilk one after another. Kagome also recognizes the nutritional value of whole soybean milk and the difficulty of taste treatment. In the end, kagome adopted a “two pronged approach”. On the one hand, it selected soybean varieties with less astringency and beany flavor and stronger sweetness, and on the other hand, it used unique crushing technology to give the product a smooth taste that was not inferior to the conventional one. K
With “dregs” to drink, it is also soft and smooth. Kagome whole bean soymilk daily new stew Vol.33

“从番茄公司到蔬菜公司”,Kagome 在果蔬创新的道路上已走过了很长一段路。这一次,Kagome在醇厚清甜的豆乳中大胆添加略带酸涩味的果蔬。乍一看似是黑暗料理,但却获得意外的香甜清爽。葡萄的清甜、番茄的清爽、大豆的浓稠温和,三者相得益彰,共同组成一款营养口感皆佳的植物奶。
作为最传统的日常食材,果蔬和大豆其实都有跟其他食物搭配的潜力。无论是将豆乳作为新茶饮的风味点缀,还是将果蔬作为植物乳的营养均衡器,都能让老品类焕发出新活力。添加果蔬后的豆乳,也许会比常规的平淡豆乳更能吸引味觉灵敏、口感挑剔的儿童。如果能借此实现消费人群的延伸,则Kagome 的这款“大胆之作”对行业可谓意义深远。


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