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A number of beverage enterprises supported the earthquake relief in Sichuan, PepsiCo increased its capital and production in Guangzhou, BYD registered the cola trademark, and the national development and Reform Commission organized a cost investigation on some high priced moon cakes

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Yesterday, the foundation laying ceremony of PepsiCo (China) Co., Ltd.’s capital increase and asset expansion project was held in Guangzhou. Since 2022, the company has carried out and will complete a capital increase and production expansion project of about 200 million yuan. After the project is put into operation, the production capacity will be doubled. After all the projects are put into operation, they can meet the business growth needs in the next five years. Zheng Shaoxiong, general manager of PepsiCo (China) Co., Ltd., said that Guangzhou is one of the core engines of the development of Dawan district. Through the implementation of the capital increase and production expansion project, it will lead the factory to transform to a more flexible and efficient “intelligent manufacturing”. (issued by the company)


Yesterday, Lu Minfang, President of Mengniu Group and chairman of miaokelando, pointed out at the “China cheese Development Summit Forum” that to promote the long-term healthy development of the cheese industry, it is necessary to do a good job in four aspects, including ensuring quality, focusing on upstream and downstream supply chains, category innovation and consumer education. (issued by the company)
Guisheng shares: rumors about “backdoor of liquor enterprises” are not true
Today, Guisheng shares issued another change announcement, saying that the company was not involved in the negotiation or negotiation of “backdoor” and “reorganization” with liquor enterprises, and had no plans to engage in liquor related business. The rumors about the company’s “backdoor” with liquor enterprises were not true. (company announcement)

Maiqier was ordered to pay more than 430000 yuan for excessive sewage discharge

A few days ago, China judgment network announced the civil judgment of the first instance of the service contract dispute between Changji drainage Co., Ltd. and maxell Group Co., Ltd. maxell Group Co., Ltd. was ordered to pay 434100 yuan of sewage treatment fees for discharging sewage beyond the standard. (CNR)
Unilever catering planning helps catering enterprises recover
A few days ago, Liu Dianbo, head of Unilever food planning North District, put forward his views on the development of the catering industry during the epidemic when attending a meeting: “based on the tremendous changes in diner behavior, we suggest that catering owners carry out corresponding operation reform and dish innovation in view of the three key trends of one person food, cost performance and community catering.” In order to help catering enterprises recover, Unilever food planning launched six major trends and flavors to provide drainage support for catering enterprises. (issued by the company)
SIG kangmeibao Asia Pacific Technology Center starts reconstruction and expansion project
A few days ago, the commencement ceremony of the renovation and expansion project of SIG Asia Pacific Technology Center was officially held. With a total investment of nearly 10 million euros, the project plans to transform the existing paper roll warehouse into a brand-new R & D production workshop, so as to create a full industry chain R & D base integrating innovative R & D of packaging raw materials, comprehensive material and equipment system certification, and product development and filling testing at the production end of customers. Fan Lidong, chairman and general manager of CommScope Asia Pacific north region, said that the investment project once again shows that China is a vital part of CommScope’s global growth strategy. (issued by the company)
Beingmei refers to the normal level of milk powder inventory
Today, beingmei released an announcement. When the company was asked about the milk powder inventory by institutions a few days ago, it said that its inventory was at
Yesterday, China Resources Yibao quickly launched the “rapid response mechanism for disaster relief and public welfare”, and immediately mobilized rescue materials to send them to the Luding disaster area. At 9:00 this morning, 1300 boxes of Yibao water and disaster relief materials were delivered to the designated resettlement sites for disaster relief materials in Luding County and Shimian County. Another 700 boxes of ipol purified water and supplies were also delivered to Xinmin Township, Shimian County, which was seriously affected by the disaster, at 4:00 this afternoon. (issued by the company)

New investment of 250 million euros by Pernod Ricard Ireland

Pernod Ricard will invest 250 million euros in Ireland to build a new carbon neutral whisky distillery. The new Middleton plant is expected to be put into operation in 2025, which will create 100 new jobs in the region. (thespiritsbusiness)


Hamburger chain shake shack continues to open stores in South Korea
Shake shack has opened 22 restaurants in South Korea. SPC group, which introduced the brand, initially planned to open 25 shake shack restaurants in South Korea by 2025. In the first half of this year alone, this American hamburger chain opened two more restaurants in South Korea. SPC group plans to open shake shack to the Malaysian market next year. (econotimes)
Danone ends production of bonafont drinking water in Brazil
Danone confirmed today that it has stopped producing bonafont brand drinking water in Brazil since September 3, including related activities of its factory in Minas Gerais state. Danone said in a statement that it had decided to focus its business in Brazil on the largest, most profitable and growing category, and stressed that the decision would not affect other bonafont markets such as Mexico, nor Danone’s global drinking water business. (foodbev)
Coca Cola launched in the UK
Recently, Coca Cola launched a limited edition “mysterious” beverage in the UK market. This product called “Coca Cola dream world” is 50ml
Fast reading of food industry information
The national development and Reform Commission conducted a cost survey on some high priced moon cake organizations
Recently, the national development and Reform Commission organized local development and reform commissions and market supervision departments to carry out cost investigation on some manufacturers and sellers of boxed moon cakes with sales prices of more than 500 yuan, understand the actual cost, and check the registration of relevant transaction information. The survey results show that the production and sales cost of boxed moon cakes with a price of more than 500 yuan is not much different from that of ordinary boxed moon cakes, and the profit is much higher than that of ordinary boxed moon cakes. The illegal clues found in the investigation, such as excessive packaging and improper price behavior, have been transferred to the relevant departments for verification and investigated and dealt with according to laws and regulations. (surging)
The first batch of typical cases of the “sky high” moon cake action to focus on rectifying excessive packaging of goods were announced
A few days ago, the State Administration of Market Supervision announced the first batch of
A number of beverage enterprises supported the earthquake relief in Sichuan, PepsiCo increased its capital and production in Guangzhou, BYD registered the cola trademark, and the national development and Reform Commission organized a cost investigation on some high priced moon cakes
汉堡连锁Shake Shack持续在韩国开店
Shake Shack在韩国已开设了22 家餐厅,引入该品牌的韩国SPC集团最初计划到2025年在韩国开设25家Shake Shack餐厅。仅在今年上半年,这家美国汉堡连锁店又在韩国开设了两家餐厅。SPC集团计划明年将Shake Shack开到马来西亚市场。(econotimes)

日前,可口可乐在英国市场推出了一款限量版“神秘”饮料。这款名为“可口可乐梦幻世界”的产品为250毫升罐装,这家软饮料巨头一直在“隐藏其确切口味”,以增加“神秘”气氛。为支持此次发布,可口可乐与数字时尚平台 DressX 合作,提供“虚拟世界数字可穿戴时尚系列”。(thegrocer)















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