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People in Shanghai can no longer drink coffee

price increase of coffee = cost increase of workers.
Original pickled cabbage latte, coriander cold extract, sorghum wine special flavor… When a senior coffee maker in Shanghai walks into a coffee shop, he should also doubt whether he has taken the wrong menu.
700 new ones were opened in two months,
Shanghai coffee shop is still rolling in
According to statistics, by the end of June this year, the number of coffee shops in Shanghai had reached 7857; By the end of August, this number had become 8602. In Xuhui District, where the density of coffee shops is extremely high, the number of coffee shops at the intersection of Yongkang road and Xiangyang south road alone exceeds 30.
From blue bottle to Maison Margiela, Shanghai’s coffee mania continues. A new news: it is said that the third store of blue bottle in Shanghai will soon open
How many most beautiful cafes are there in Shanghai?
In Shanghai, where the density of coffee shops is so high, the name of “the most beautiful coffee shop” has long been inflated. The most experienced coffee drinkers will be confused when they hear this word. I don’t know whether you are talking about the river view cafes in Xuhui Binjiang or the coffee shops rooted in the old western houses in Wutong district.
The first step to becoming an online hit: selling coffee
From Longhua temple to Shanghai Mental Health Center, from Shanghai Museum to China Post, any institution that introduces a limited coffee can immediately attract the attention of coffee users on social media.
Shanghai Jingwei’s moon cakes are too hard to grab, so we can always buy a cup of “No. 600 coffee” first to punch in.
Please, stop “milk tea” coffee
If the end of milk tea is Babao porridge, the end of coffee is milk tea.
Lisa, a coffee fundamentalist, recently encountered coffee assassins. From Peach Blossom Honey latte, golden laurel Longjing latte to Bergamot lemon American style, syrup has replaced coffee beans and become the focus of new product development. Not to mention such heresies as pickled cabbage cold extract and pickled cabbage latte, Lisa only wants to expel them from the coffee world.
In the past six months, coffee shops have launched fruit coffee and wine coffee, which makes Lisa sad: Shanghai has changed, and it is no longer the Shanghai where “milk coffee” will be laughed at.
Of course, in coffee shops, syrup has another wonderful effect. The latte originally sold for 15 yuan, coupled with two pumps of syrup, has become a “seasonal exclusive”, and the price has slightly doubled.
New tea brands have also joined the coffee war?
Under the general trend of “coffee milk tea”, new tea brands have indeed become impatient and eager to try. Like tea, Naixue’s tea, tea color, new and old black tea brands gathered at the coffee track, and even McDonald’s changed the name of latte to milk iron.
Coffee has become a must for the catering industry this year.
People in Shanghai can no longer drink coffee
o.p.s.一杯50元+的特调,Blue Bottle一杯48元的手冲,%Arabica一杯40元的拿铁……就算随便走进一家小店,一杯咖啡也能卖到30元+。沪上白领们一边喝一边在心里感叹:这每天的打工成本是越来越高了。



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