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“Ginger” makes up for mistakes, Wang Zunzhen introduces banana ginger cereal | new daily stew vol.54

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Product features:

The combination of banana and ginger, with a big brain hole
Wang Zunzhong launched a new product of banana ginger cereal, and innovatively added ginger ingredients into the cereal. In the public’s dietary awareness, ginger is a warm and nourishing food material. It can often combine with other raw materials to create a novel and rich taste experience. For example, in products such as ginger coke, ginger milk, brown sugar ginger tea, it is intertwined with sweet taste to create a unique and highly popular flavor.
Photo source: Wang Zhongzhong
In order to weaken the pungent taste of ginger in oatmeal, while retaining the pungent and warm flavor of ginger itself, Wang Changwei finally chose sweet bananas to neutralize the pungent taste of ginger after trying to match more than ten kinds of ingredients. The freeze-drying process retains the flavor of banana itself, harmonizes the mellow ginger flavor, and makes the product taste more layered.
In addition, the product also adds flat almond kernels and crisp coconut chips, adding a rich sense of chewing and satisfaction to the product. At the same time, the product is made of whole grain baked oats through slow baking and baking process, retaining complete fiber and nutrition, and maintaining a certain degree of crispness of oats, providing mellow, crisp and tenacious taste.
Photo source: Wang Zhongzhong
High dietary fiber+prebiotics, a healthy and changeable dietary partner
Pure oat itself contains rich dietary fiber. On this basis, Wang has added fructooligosaccharide (a water-soluble dietary fiber), which makes the product contain double high fiber. The dietary fiber content per 100g is about 988g of fresh spinach. The product also does not add white granulated sugar, and relies on oligofructose to provide a sweet flavor.
The product can be mixed in yogurt or soaked in hot milk. It can not only be used as a nutritious breakfast, afternoon tea, but also as a fitness meal during the body management period.


The “Xin” Opening Method for Nourishing Ginger
With the trend that people pay more and more attention to healthy diet and natural ingredients, ginger, which is deeply rooted in the concept of warm nourishing and spicy unique taste, is also increasingly popular. According to the report of Transparency Market Research, a global market research company, the compound annual growth rate of ginger will be 6.50% from 2017 to 2022, and the global ginger market value is expected to reach 4.18 billion dollars by the end of 2022.
Photo source: Wang Zhongzhong
At present, ginger ingredients are mainly used in regular catering and beverage categories. In recent years, it has also started to be used in bubble water, energy drinks, new tea drinks, even yogurt and other dairy products. According to the daily statistics of new product stew of Foodaily, only in the past two months, the new “warm ginger” series of hot drinks was introduced on the Tea Path. Coca Cola introduced Coca Cola ginger+winter restricted drinks, and encouraged the spring coil to launch a bulletproof milk shake with ginger milk flavor. In overseas markets, ginger has begun to try to provide novel flavor experience in more product forms such as potato chips, chocolate, snacks, etc.
“Ginger” makes up for mistakes, Wang Zunzhen introduces banana ginger cereal | new daily stew vol.54





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