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Is this your voice? Weiquan Dairy turns into “Internet mouthpiece”

Weiquan once again Company, known as the “marketing genius”, has produced new works, but this time it is a series of fiery advertisements.

In this wave, roast is the main tone of taste throughout. From the company’s group construction, leaders’ meetings to online celebrity restaurants, almost every “injured” social person can be comforted here and find their own Internet mouth.

The purpose of “roast” is to guide the public to return to the “essence of products”. This time, Weiquan mainly promoted its “low-key” dairy products. For the marketing strategy of dairy products, Weiquan is also creative. From the perspective of Weiquan, it is simple to emphasize that “good dairy should be good”.

So, in this era of deep marketing, what are the highlights of Weiquan’s marketing? What is the specific layout of the main dairy product series? Next, let’s have a look.

Anti paternity ads are popular

Good advertisements, like good films and TV works, deserve to be widely praised and praised. For Weiquan, behind the good advertisements that can continuously produce praises, it firmly chooses the other side of the grand narrative, that is, the subtle observation and presentation of the pixel level of daily life.

Let’s take a look at the sobriety of the world in Weiquan’s eyes: roast about the company’s group construction, all employees must wear company T-shirts, and the banner printed with the company’s name and logo must be pulled 15 meters long; Roast about the meeting of the big boss, when the bottom layer finishes talking about the middle layer and the middle layer finishes talking about the top layer, even if there is nothing to say, you should hold two irrelevant words; Roast that the Internet celebrity restaurant regards the long queue at the door as the standard configuration, and regards hunger marketing as the best seasoning in the world.

We can find that this time, Weiquan has achieved the same pace of sharp words and humor. In this era of searching for Internet gossip, young people found for the first time that Internet gossip can not only be a talk show actor, but also be such a lively consumer brand.

As for the starting point of this project, Weiquan believes that, “At present, netizens are more and more disgusted with Daddy’s speech, which blurs the essence of things and puts on airs. What corresponds to Daddy’s speech is that people are sober, and this is the opportunity for this campaign to promote social topics.”

Of course, a good advertisement should return to the product definition itself. In this “great reward for sobriety in the world”, Weiquan also answered its definition of good dairy for the first time, that is, “good dairy should be good to drink”.

In the view of Weiquan, “Weiquan=Delicious” is a brand recognition that it tries to establish for a long time. As for dairy products, it is also a subversion and reinterpretation of the complicated marketing strategies and activities in the current market. In recent years, the dairy industry has been accustomed to educating consumers with various production standards. From the origin, milk protein content to strains, etc., in the increasingly internal dairy marketing, consumers are less able to understand and digest.

Therefore, if we want to focus on the taste of “delicious”, we will take the discussion standard as the index and put forward our own strategic view: the final result of all production standards, such as solid materials, superior pasture environment, and scientific technology, is delicious and delicious. Delicacy is the pursuit of both beverage producers and ordinary consumers. Good dairy should be delicious.

In terms of daily leisure supplies, the layout of such products as Gouda Coconut and Benasong also provides consumers with a variety of choices.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that low temperature dairy products have achieved the national layout, and Weiquan has also made great efforts in the production end and digital cold chain management, which has greatly widened the sales service radius and better supported its nationwide expansion.

About Weiquan, Weiquan currently has factories in Hangzhou and Langfang. The data shows that the Hangzhou factory has a daily output of nearly 1000 tons, and the products are transported to stores and convenience stores throughout the country; Langfang Factory covers millions of consumers in North China. Through the collection and accumulation of big data and the application of technology, Weiquan can predict future sales to improve the matching degree and efficiency of production capacity.

In addition to production capacity, Weiquan adheres to the production and transportation concept of the whole process cold chain, and adopts the whole process cold chain intelligent tracking system to ensure that the products are in the cold storage environment of 0-7 ℃ in the production and channel stages, and the temperature is monitored digitally throughout the process.

Working towards the “small goal” of “becoming a world-class benchmark enterprise of refrigerated food”, Weiquan is accelerating its entry into the daily life of consumers.

At present, Weiquan products, represented by seven categories of low-temperature fresh milk, low-temperature milk drinks, low-temperature fermented milk, active lactic acid bacteria drinks, 100% refrigerated pure fruit juice, vegetable protein drinks and refrigerated coffee drinks, have already covered many scenes in public work and daily life, providing consumers with taste buds to enjoy, and creating a “fresh, healthy and reassuring” diet. This time, the brand communication with the theme of “Awakening in the World and Great Appreciation”, let us see the strength of Weiquan, not only the hard power provided by daily nutrition, but also the soft power to create emotional identity and resonance.

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Is this your voice? Weiquan Dairy turns into “Internet mouthpiece”









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