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The legendary CEO of KFC died. Newbie and Nestle China have a new round of cooperation. Unijia plans to acquire the equity of Jijia Pet. Fonterra is allowed to change its capital structure. Budweiser plans to seek cost reduction from FIFA

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Unijia plans to acquire 41.85% equity of Jijia Pet

Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision and Administration announced the case of Unijia (China) Investment Co., Ltd. acquiring the equity of Jiangsu Jijia Pet Products Co., Ltd. According to the publicity, Unijia (China) Investment Co., Ltd. acquired 41.85% equity of Jijia Pet. After this transaction, Unijia China will hold 41.85% of the equity of Jijia Pet, and Cui Jia, the chairman of Jijia Pet Group, holds 45.34% of the equity of the target company, constituting joint control over the target company. Jijia Pet Group owns the dog food brand Crazy Dog, cat food brand LEGENDSANDY Lanshi, and Meirenmiao, Maishi, Worldlove and other brands. (Bright Company)

Original animal husbandry is expected to sell more raw milk to Feihe Dairy

Yesterday, Primitive Animal Husbandry announced that the company had entered into the 2023 Feihe Master Agreement with China Feihe to confirm that it would supply raw milk to Feihe Dairy Group in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement from the start date to December 31, 2025. According to the historical purchase volume of China Feihe and its expected output and sales volume of dairy products for the three years ending on December 31, 2025, during the above period, the company predicts that it will sell raw milk of about 480000 tons, 550000 tons and 625000 tons to Feihe Dairy Group in each year. (Company announcement)

Cainiao and Nestle China sign a new round of strategic cooperation agreement

Nestle China recently signed a new round of strategic cooperation agreement with Newbie. The two sides will carry out more in-depth cooperation around Nestle’s digital intelligent supply chain project, including continuing to deepen cooperation in B2C and B2B business, digital supply chain, green sustainable projects, etc., and continue to upgrade cooperation in DTC performance, logistics automation, Internet of Things technology, etc., involving Starbucks’ home coffee, Xu Fuji, Wyeth Taitaile and other brands. As an important step in deepening cooperation between the two sides, Nestle China DTC Performance Center, jointly built by Cainiao and Nestle China’s supply chain team, was officially opened in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province on the same day. (DoNews)

The founder of Hutou Bureau responded to the continuous closing of the store and considered opening the franchise

Standard Chartered Bakery of Hutou Bureau recently published an article on its WeChat official account, talking about some changes, including store shrinkage. Due to huge capital pressure, it will temporarily withdraw from some regional markets and adjust its stores; Plan to gradually open the partnership business of some urban enterprises; Optimize the management module and enable the co CEO management system. But the article was deleted on that day. Yesterday, Jiang Bo, the founder of Hutou Bureau, responded that “the whole plan has not been completely determined”. (Interface news)

The legendary CEO of KFC died

John Brown, a well-known American entrepreneur who turned KFC from a rural fried chicken restaurant into a global fast-food chain giant, died. According to the Associated Press on the 22nd, Brown’s family announced in a statement Tuesday that he had died at the age of 88. Brown is a legend in his life. He is not only a catering tycoon, but also the owner of a famous NBA team and the governor of Kentucky. His family said he was a real Kentucky

Today, the amendments to the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act were passed by the New Zealand Government. The amendment will allow Fonterra to change its capital structure and introduce broader measures to reduce long-term risks and improve the transparency of New Zealand’s dairy industry. Damien O’Connor, the country’s agriculture minister, said that Fonterra played an important role in New Zealand’s dairy industry, and new entrants had brought beneficial innovation and competition to the industry in the past 20 years. (devdiscourse)

Speed up of net zero emission of Diageo East Africa Brewery

Recently, the East Africa Company under the British liquor giant Tiajio used Hawaiian fruit husks, bagasse, coffee and rice husks to generate electricity in factories in Kenya and Uganda to help achieve net zero emissions eight years ahead of schedule. In Kenya, its plants can generate 123000 MJ of electricity per hour using biomass, helping to reduce carbon emissions by 95%. Bloomberg

The first solar power plant of Yakult has been put into use

Recently, Yakult Danone India Private Limited, an Indian company jointly invested by Yakult and Danone, announced that the first solar power plant under Yakult has been successfully put into use. The power plant was built in its production base in Haryana, India. (Saur Energy International)

Fast reading of food industry information

The 81 special medical foods approved in China involve 36 enterprises

On November 19, the inaugural meeting of the Special Food Branch of China Medical News Information Association and the seminar on high-quality development of special medical food industry were held in Beijing. Luo Yunbo, director of the Special Food Research Center of China Agricultural University, introduced at the meeting that by 2021, the 81 special medical foods approved in China had involved 36 enterprises and 29 Chinese enterprises. Among them, 24 new products approved in 2021 are all from domestic enterprises. In addition, the seven types approved in 2022 (as of September) are all domestically made, and domestic enterprises have become dominant after being approved. From the perspective of research and development units, as of July 2021, there are 954 special medical food related enterprises in China. It is worth noting that among the approved special medical foods, the infant formula is piled up, and the specific total nutrition is blank. The products are mostly concentrated in products with low technical difficulty and market basis. (China Economic Network)

The standard of the Yangtze River Delta prefabricated dishes group was released and will be implemented from December

Today, the Standard for Quality and Service Evaluation of Prefabricated Dishes in the Yangtze River Delta drafted by the Consumer Protection Commission of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui, the Food and Beverage Industry Association, etc. will be implemented from December. This group standard makes requirements on pre prepared dishes from raw materials, processing, packaging, label identification, storage and distribution, degree of reduction, food safety indicators and other aspects. It is clear that pre prepared dishes are defined as semi-finished products or finished dishes formed from food raw materials through pre-treatment, pickling, seasoning, cooking and other advanced processing. They can be ready to eat in separate bags, heated, simply cooked and simply matched according to the eating method. (Surging news)

33 new cities and regions set up cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot areas

A few days ago, the State Council agreed to set up

The legendary CEO of KFC died. Newbie and Nestle China have a new round of cooperation. Unijia plans to acquire the equity of Jijia Pet. Fonterra is allowed to change its capital structure. Budweiser plans to seek cost reduction from FIFA

日前,养乐多和达能对半合资的印度公司Yakult Danone India Private Limited 宣布,养乐多旗下第一座太阳能发电厂已成功投入使用。发电厂是在其印度哈里亚纳邦的生产基地中建造的。(Saur Energy International)












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