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Together with 50 CEOs, we argued about “how to build a brand under the thinking of users”

At the beginning of 2022, Foodaily was preparing for the Innovation Expo in May as always, but the sudden closure of Shanghai interrupted all the progress.
At the same time, we also saw the difficulties of many brands moving forward under the epidemic, but we did not give up. We still took each key node of development seriously and remained committed to the brand. This is why we want to establish the “100 people in the new food era”. We hope that on the long, simple and awe inspiring snow slope of the food industry, we can resonate with leaders and innovators on the same frequency, grow together, and approach the truth of the food industry infinitely.
So there was the launching ceremony for 100 people in the new food era on July 26. Then we held a private meeting for CEOs at the end of October on “how to really build a brand in the minds of users”, and completed a real closed co creation meeting with 50 CEOs and founders of food and beverage brands, as well as the Foodaily think tank.
Next, we set up 100 people in the new food era × The CEO CLUB community wants to gather more CEOs together, not only to keep warm, but also to jointly build a “brand and ecology” in the new food era. We can continue to create, learn, and understand together, and see a larger food industry together.
“Heart wandering and brain burning”
Passionate debate
At this CEO private meeting, we mainly discussed three topics that brands have been most puzzled about since 2021:
1. The flow fire has passed, the reserve has appeared, and the “flow” has come again. How to understand the “liu”?
2. Product thinking vs. marketing thinking, why is there always embarrassment after the explosive products? How to realize the agility of product innovation?
3. Marketing=Brand? Good ROI=brand? GMV high=brand? What should the brand do?
Traffic and popular products are the “best” of new brands in the past few years, but now it is obviously unable to support them to move to the next step. It seems to become the shackles of brands. “If you continue to do it, the effect will be bad, and if you don’t do it, it will be worse”.
However, in fact, whether it is public domain traffic, private domain users, or frequently promoted products, it is ultimately a matter of the nature of business, that is, the relationship between brands and users. How to make brands based on user thinking? How to leave users?
So at the meeting, everyone agreed that:
However, there are different views on traffic. Some people say that “traffic retention should be based on traffic conversion, user experience based orientation, and make products, brands, and channels more convenient to purchase. The loss rate may be relatively reduced.”
However, some people said, “traffic is not needed. If you only focus on traffic, you will fall into short-term thinking. You need to look at the core population through traffic. Based on the core population, you can create products that really meet the needs of the core population, and then let these people flow.”
Of course, some people also believe that “traffic is only flowing, and it is normal that there will be changes. It is strange that the situation will not change. The basis of the entire traffic is still the product, but the traffic amplifies the value of the product. A really good brand carries its own traffic, which is definitely not chasing traffic.”
But “for startups, the key is still the product, not the brand.” But no matter what kind of input, this
But at the meeting, everyone rushed against time to try to find an optimal solution for each pain point topic, contributed many good ideas to the co creation meeting, and also put forward many good suggestions for the content and form of the activity:
1. Very good. The founders have real help and insight into the industry.
2. The form of the activity is very good. There are problems, thoughts and collisions.
3. The first closed door meeting of the food staff was very successful. The theme of the meeting combined with the confusion of offline brands to throw out problems and stimulate thinking and discussion layer by layer. The overall rhythm was tight, allowing participants to immerse themselves in thinking and collide with an open mind. With fresh cognition, they continued to hold the light in this uncertain environment.
4. I hope to continue to have the honor to join the big team and witness the transformation and upgrading of myself and the closed door meetings. Let’s empower the team and brand, come on!
5. Thank you for keeping us together under the repeated epidemic situation. It’s not easy. Thank you for your efforts.
6. The discussion was very warm, and everyone fully expressed and shared their views, which was a good form. It is suggested that it be held quarterly. Each time, there can be different themes, or some cross-border Inspirations.
To this end, Foody will make more efforts before starting the next co creation:
1. 100 people in the new food era × The CEO CLUB community allows more founders and CEOs to join in and collide with new ideas and trends, so that the food industry can gather more energy. At present, more than 100 founders and CEOs have joined:
100 people want to know more about the new food era × CEO CLUB community details, scan the code to add a small assistant WeChat:
2. In terms of content and activity form, we will collect more opinions from everyone, polish more accurate brand upgrading pain points, prepare more landing content, and provide more communication time for everyone, so as to make co creation more meaningful and solve the real confusion of everyone at the moment.
Foody’s daily food industry has been deeply rooted in the industry for more than ten years. Since 2019, we have deeply felt another new leap in the pulse of the industry and proposed the term “new food era”. Whether it is the impact of the epidemic or the new consumption trend, the food industry has ushered in a new era of development under the great changes.
From 2020 to 2022, under the continuous changes in the food industry and even the general environment, more and more people express their “loss” to the general environment. Foody wants to link with the brand at a deeper level, link with the food industry, and explore the next new path of development with the brand.
To this end, we will upgrade the Foodaily FBIC to an innovation fair, bringing together the global top-level ideas, global innovation appreciation, and new solutions of brands from 0-1 and B to C; Further extend iSEE AWARD beyond innovation award to delicious award, and play CALL for more creative brands and products!
Of course, 100 people in the new food era is an important link for us. We expect more leaders and innovators to bring more fresh blood to the food industry, so that more Chinese brands and more leading Chinese brands will be born in the food industry!
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Together with 50 CEOs, we argued about “how to build a brand under the thinking of users”
1、成立新食品时代100人×CEO CLUB社群,让更多创始人、CEO们加入其中,相互碰撞新想法、新趋势,让食品产业更大的能量可以聚在一起。目前已有100+创始人、CEO们加入:
想了解更多新食品时代100人×CEO CLUB社群详情,扫码添加小助理微信:
为此,我们将Foodaily FBIC升级为创博会,将全球顶层思想、全球创新品鉴、品牌从0-1、从B到C的新解法集聚在一起;进一步将iSEE AWARD不止步于创新奖,延伸至美味奖,为更多有创意的品牌、产品打CALL!



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