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Who will be the crownless king of the annual food comedy conference?

Whether it is comedy plot, talk show text or brand marketing copy, it is close to life that makes people laugh. And behind these ideas, is it not the insight of users?

By Giselle Yin

Source: FoodailyFood (ID: foodailyFood)

Last week, the fifth season of Talk Show was officially concluded, and the second season of the Annual Comedy Show was also under intense competition. These comedic variety shows are not only the hot undertaking of the recent domestic variety show market, but also the source of happiness for countless people.
This year, the program theme and actors have contributed a lot of laughter and slot points to everyone, and also triggered a lot of topic discussions and exchanges. When you made passionate comments on the highlights, we found that there were many similar marketing events full of laughter and dramatic conflicts in the food circle. Starting from the details close to the daily life of the public, it originated from life and was higher than life, which attracted everyone’s attention and discussion.
So we (without authorization) selected some “excellent entries” of the Annual Food Comedy Conference to see how these brands conceive texts and find connections with users? Is it self congratulation or really poking into the hearts of the public? How about the response of users?
Homophonic stem without deduction,
Will Monday be the next crazy fourth?
I believe that those who follow talk shows should all know Wang Jianguo, a talk show actor famous for his good use of homophonic stems, and also know the famous “homophonic stems are subject to deduction”. Nowadays, whenever netizens brush any wonderful homophonic stem, they often leave a comment: “Wang Jianguo, this golden age is as you wish”.
The users and use scenarios of homophonic stem are becoming more and more rich, and many homophonic stem players have also appeared in the food circle this year. For example, last Monday, Xicha, together with WPS and Xmind, handed over a joint name full of homophones. From copywriting to songs, the intensity of homophonic stems makes it difficult not to doubt whether the person behind the text is a fanatic fan of Wang Jianguo (x).
Photo source: Xicha
Monday can be said to be the day that countless migrant workers hate the most. Although they have just experienced a weekend break, many people still feel at their last gasp in the face of the new week’s work, with a feeling of “dying”.
Xicha combines the surging roast of migrant workers with the pronunciation of the word “xi”, and turns it into a sentence “I like Monday very much, and I feel like (happy)”. The double cup co branded package including fruit tea and milk tea is also named “Monday Fruit Milk Happiness”. At the same time, the homophonic roast and the extremely simple WPS straight out style were used to generate the co branded activity posters, which seemed to be sent to the official accounts of Xicha in a stable spirit.
Photo source: Xicha
In addition, Xicha also released the song of migrant workers “Go to Xiba on Monday”. In the MV, Ah Xi, a migrant worker, crowded into the subway with his head in the early morning on Monday, and was
Of course, in addition to Xicha, other brands have also contributed a lot of interesting homophonic stems, such as Ruixing and Sad Frog’s Qixi co named “Frog Rui Love You”, as well as the Christmas limited “Jinguobai Nuts Latte”, Burger King x Alipay co named “Zhifubao”, KFC’s collection of “chicken” literature, Chabaidao’s “Jiang Xin Bi Xin” hot drink, and Wang Zunzhen’s new banana ginger cereal “Jiang” In autumn, the “good persimmons become frost”, “like many persimmons”, “the Tang Dynasty is full of persimmons”, “sweet persimmons”, etc
When I wrote here, I couldn’t help sighing in my heart: “Wang Jianguo, this golden age is as you wish.”
How to choose between lying and curling?
Those operators lying at 45 degrees
In this year’s talk show conference, a topic that aroused wide resonance and discussion was “how to choose between lying and curling”. If you want to lie down, you dare not lie down, but you can not roll up and move. When you lie down, your heart can not lie down for a moment, which is a reflection of the real life state of many people.
Photo source: Microblog @ Holland Douben Douhe
Recently, some food brands, like talk show contestants, have conducted different interpretations and delivered different “works” around the common theme of “lying and rolling”.
Wei Long: “Lie Win” Buddhist Operation of Double 11
Preparing for the Double 11 Festival has brought great pressure on migrant workers from all walks of life, leaving them in a state of high tension both physically and mentally. In this intense atmosphere, everyone is preparing for the war in full swing. Only Weilong is operating in the abnormal “Buddhist operation”, so it has become a clean stream and quickly emerged from the circle.
The front page of other people’s Tmall stores is full of discount information, while on the front page of Weilong’s store, the operator himself holds lotus flowers, embraces hot noodles, looks calm, and is not sad or happy. The cos has a well-known Buddhist youth expression bag, which seems to be begging for alms. He simply says, “One order for you, one order for me, and the operator can get off work immediately.”.
Photo source: Wei Long
In terms of Amway products, Wei Long did not urge loudly, creating a tense atmosphere of “missing the Double 11 and losing 100 million”. Instead, he said, “It’s fate to buy anything”, “It’s not expensive, and Buddhism is facing” no desire for a single Amway, just buy a big gift package “, etc. Although the result is actually a sentence pointing to the order, pointing out the benefits of the event and the main products, the language is concise and calm.
This attitude of “lying flat in the face of pressure” has formed a strong contrast with the hot atmosphere of pursuing GMV during the Double 11 Festival and the “hot” image of this article, but it has hit a lot of people who can’t even roll up when they are lying flat.
Netizens said, “He really knows how to operate.” “In the future, change to Weilong to eat for this interesting soul.”. Another group of operators said that Weilong’s operation was “flat”, but they were not flat, because their bosses asked them to work overtime to produce a poster of Weilong’s same Buddhism style, and Weilong’s operation became the most popular cos object for a while.
Photo source: Little Red Book
Aunt Hushang: I don’t want to “do” because the collective is so bad
The Native Chicken and Me brings infinite sequel experience
This year’s Annual Comedy Conference, one of the most popular works should be Young Master and Me.
After the broadcast of Young Master and Me, the two actors created two follow-up works, Police and Me and Dracula and Me. This trilogy style work not only continues the design and style of the two actors, increases the audience’s familiarity, but also allows many fans to wait for the two to launch more cooperative sequels and develop into “Proud Liu Boer Universe”. The audience also talked about the details of the previous work in the new work. They even spontaneously interpreted the relationship between several works.
Photo source: What is Xiaohongshu @ Kesong doing
In the food circle, we found that the unfolding of the story between the local chicken and Zhou Heiya can be said to be similar to that of “Aotian Liuboer Universe”. Unexpectedly, the story of “love and hate” between the two brands was continuously updated.
In the previous article, Foodaily introduced the cp story of the local chicken and Zhou Heiya. After the high-profile official announcement of “chicken and duck talk about CP”, the two sides were very sweet for a while. The daily official number cue each other, the chicken and duck cp video of flipping the card and even the Double Ten One show their love.
Photo source: Local chicken
However, just like the two actors in “Young Master and Me” will add new roles in their works, recently the story of the two cps told by chicken and duck has suddenly become the story of three people, which starts from the local chicken finding a chicken leg roll on Zhou Heiya.
It turned out that it was Zhou Heiya and KFC’s “chicken and duck reunion”, and the chicken leg fort/roll with spicy stewed duck and duck flavor returned. The two sides not only released co branded new products, peripherals and facial expression packs, but also released cp business documents such as “holding hands with Zikaibao”, “meeting you and me”, “long time no see, gaga miss”, and “matching each chicken with a duck” on the official microblog, and called on everyone to go to KFC stores to witness the scene of chicken and duck’s true fame.
Photo source: KFC, local chicken
As soon as Kentucky Fried Chicken joined, some people immediately gloated. After all, the chicken paws of local chickens are always “philandering”. Some people hold high the banner of “talking about cp with chickens and ducks”, vowing to defend their cps to the death. Seeing that this large love sutra ground is becoming more and more lively, the villagers are also trying to save it, and I don’t know where the chickens and ducks will go.
Of course, in terms of continuous updating, the local chicken promoted the branch plot not only in the love cp line, but also in the love line, career line and daily line.
For example, as a brand with animals in its name, not only the “horse” of Hema will run wild, but also the “chicken” of the local chicken will run wild. Therefore, the local chicken can receive “malicious” contributions from netizens from all over the country from time to time, laughing at the local chicken’s loss.
Photo source: Local chicken
In terms of career, in addition to updating the “cluck cluck cluck cluck” fishing routine, local chickens will occasionally get serious and officially release the “local chickens self-examination and correction report” to address internal or external problems
Who will be the crownless king of the annual food comedy conference?



















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