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Xicha Handmade Shop is closed, Naixue’s logo will be gradually sinicized, Liu Dehua resigns as the director of Qianhe Flavor Industry, Cargill’s largest grain and oil processing plant in China is put into operation, and Nestle launches plant based “goose liver sauce”

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Naixue’s tea has become Chinese

Yesterday, a netizen in Nanning, Guangxi, found that the local “Naixue Tea” new shop signboard changed the original NAYUKI to pinyin NAIXUE, and the font also changed to a more straight line version; In addition, the original Chinese name of the logo “Naixue tea” has also become “Naixue tea”. In this regard, Naixue’s tea said that this was its seventh anniversary brand upgrade action, which will be replaced in succession throughout the country. In the latest public speech, Peng Xin said that Naixue hopes to become a global tea chain brand, and will continue to adhere to the “China-Chic” (Observer, released by the company)

Xicha Handmade Shop closed yesterday

Yesterday, a user of the social platform sent out a photo of Xicha’s Shenzhen Nantou Ancient City Store closing. This shop is the first hand-made shop of Xicha in the world and the only one in China. It opened on September 19, 2021 and closed yesterday. Xiaoshidai once introduced that the process of “hand-made” products includes many manual processes. Xicha internally divides its stores into “Super Inspiration Store”, “Inspiration Featured Store”, “Inspiration Store” and other types, and this store is the highest level “Super Inspiration Store” in Xicha’s store system, and also its first super inspiration store. (Snack Generation)

Carlyle shares in revolving sushi for fresh food

According to the official website of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration today, Carlyle Group’s acquisition of shares of Zhengxian Co., Ltd. is being announced. According to the agreement, Carlyle will acquire 26% shares of Zhengxian Catering Co., Ltd. through two trading tools. Zhengxian Catering Co., Ltd. is a global catering company and the largest revolving sushi brand in Taiwan, China, China. (Snack Generation)

Cargill’s largest grain and oil processing plant in China was officially put into operation

Recently, the second phase project of Hebei Jiahao Cereals and Oils Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation, with a total investment of 235 million US dollars and an annual soybean crushing capacity of 3.3 million tons. Cargill has six grain and oil processing plants in China. Hebei Jiahao Grain and Oil is not only Cargill’s largest grain and oil processing plant in China, but also Cargill’s second largest grain and oil processing plant in the world. (Issued by the company)

The efficiency of Nestle China DTC Performance Center has been greatly improved

Recently, Nestle China DTC Performance Center jointly built by Nestle and Alibaba Novice Supply Chain Team was officially opened in Suzhou. Compared with the traditional manual warehouse, its operation efficiency is increased by 33%. Customized AGV robot has realized the transformation from “people looking for goods” mode to “goods to people” mode. Compared with the traditional manual picking mode, the picking efficiency has been increased by about 3 times. The use of Newbie intelligent handheld operation terminal LEMO and other devices has also improved the operation efficiency and accuracy, making the product delivery accuracy as high as 99.9%. (Issued by the company)

Tang Bo Resigns as Director and Deputy General Manager of Shanxi Fenjiu

Today, Shanxi Fenjiu announced that due to job transfer, Yang Bo applied to resign as a director, deputy general manager and member of the strategic committee of the board of directors of the company. After resigning from the above positions, Yang Bo will no longer hold any positions in the company. (Company announcement)

Liu Dehua Resigns as Director of Qianhe Flavor Industry

Today, Qianhe Flavor Industry announced that

Fonterra will implement the new capital structure by the end of March next year

Fonterra said yesterday that it will implement a new capital structure in late March next year, aiming to make it easier for new dairy farmers to join the company. “This is the best date to avoid the lock up period of stock trading related to the company’s medium-term performance,” said Peter McBride, Chairman of Fonterra. Reuters

Nestle Launches Plant based “Goose Liver Paste”

Recently, Nestle began to sell plant based “foie gras” in Switzerland and Spain. The 180g can will be sold in 140 branches of the Swiss retailer Coop at a price of 7.95 Swiss francs (US $8.43). It is reported that the traditional production of foie gras is to forcibly feed ducks or geese to form liver fat, which is prohibited in many countries, including Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Bloomberg

Danone New Zealand Milk Powder Plant Launches Biomass Boiler

Danone announced today that a biomass boiler will be put into use at its milk powder factory in Otago, South Island, New Zealand, to help its carbon emission reduction target. The factory produces raw materials for Kerikon and Altamir. By heating the milk into dry powder, the boiler plays a central role in spray drying. About 85% of the energy consumption of the whole plant comes from steam. Unlike natural gas or more commonly coal powered fossil fuel boilers, biomass boilers are powered by wood residues from sustainably managed forests. (Scoop)

The IPO of KFC operators in the Middle East has received a warm response

Recently, Americana, the restaurant operator of KFC and Pizza Hut in the Middle East and North Africa region, received a subscription of 105 billion dollars in its IPO. The company raised $1.8 billion in its first dual listing in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi. The launch date of Americana has not been finalized. Bloomberg

Fast reading of food industry information

The cost of global grain imports this year is nearly 2 trillion dollars

Based on the figures in the first seven months of this year, the FAO predicts that the global food import cost will approach 2 trillion dollars in 2022. At a time when food prices are at a high level, the cost of global food imports this year has increased by 10% compared with last year, and the increase has slowed down. This is because the purchasing power of importers is declining. At the same time, the organization predicted in the latest semi annual Food Outlook that the global import cost in the field of agricultural inputs could reach 424.3 billion dollars. (First Finance)

Meituan’s revenue in the third quarter was 62.619 billion, turning from loss to profit on a year-on-year basis

Today, Meituan announced its performance in the third quarter of 2022. Its revenue in the third quarter was 62.619 billion yuan, up 28.2% year on year; The adjusted net profit in the third quarter was 3.527 billion yuan, and the adjusted net loss in the same period last year was 5.527 billion yuan. By the end of the third quarter, Meituan had 687 million annual trading users in the past 12 months; In the third quarter, the total order volume of catering takeout and Meituan flash purchase business increased by 16.2% year on year. (Company announcement)

Pinduoduo applies for trademark of cross-border e-commerce platform

Recently, Pinduoduo’s affiliated company Shanghai Xunmeng Information Technology Co., Ltd. applied for registration of “TEMU Pinduo”

Xicha Handmade Shop is closed, Naixue’s logo will be gradually sinicized, Liu Dehua resigns as the director of Qianhe Flavor Industry, Cargill’s largest grain and oil processing plant in China is put into operation, and Nestle launches plant based “goose liver sauce”




达能今天宣布,在其位于新西兰南岛奥塔哥地区的奶粉工厂,一个生物质锅炉投入使用,以助力其碳减排目标。该工厂为可瑞康和爱他美生产原料。通过加热将牛奶转化为干粉,锅炉在喷雾干燥中发挥着核心作用。整个工厂约85% 的能源消耗来自蒸汽。与天然气或更常见的煤动力化石燃料锅炉不同,生物质锅炉由来自可持续管理森林的木材残渣提供动力。(Scoop)














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