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Can’t you eat the sexy burger on the Super Bowl?

American Hamburg is not acclimatized.
The centralized closing of the first generation online popular hamburger brand Kalexing has no warning.
On November 21, it was reported that Calstar had closed all its direct stores in Shanghai. As of November 24, all official channels of Calstar have not spoken about closing the store, but the remaining two stores (Pudong Kerry City Store and Qibao Vanke Store) on its official applet have displayed “busy shopping”.
“I can’t eat any more meatloaf cheese chips, can I?” “My milk shake, onion rings and original chips.” Some netizens learned about the closing of the store and expressed their nostalgia for the taste of Kale Star on the Internet.
On November 22, the reporter of Time Weekly visited the stores of Calstar located in Renguang Raffles in the early days, and found that they had been blocked by the fence, which said “Calstar is about to open”, but Raffles Mall confirmed to the reporter of Time Weekly: “It is not for decoration, it is indeed closed.”

◼ ★ On November 22, Renguang Laifu’s original Kale Star Store/Time Weekly reporter

On the same day, the reporter of Time Weekly came to the store of Kale Star in Miluo City and was also blocked. The staff of the opposite barbecue shop told the Times that she understood that the Kalexing store was originally planned to open by the end of October, but it was closed by the middle of October. “In fact, their business was quite good before the store was closed, but it is said that the closure was decided by the American head office.” The above staff said.
At present, it is impossible to find out the store information of Milo City and Renguang Raffles on the official website of Calstar. In Chinese Mainland, there are only two stores left: Pudong Airport Store in Shanghai and Jiaodong Airport Store in Qingdao. The reporter of Time Weekly called Kalstar Pudong Airport Store to inquire about its business status, and received a normal reply from Pudong Airport Store, “because we are franchise stores”.
From November 22 to 24, the reporter of Time Weekly contacted Calstar Shanghai Office and the US Headquarters for many times, but as of the time of writing, he did not answer the phone and did not receive a reply.
American Hamburg is not acclimatized in China
This hamburger company, whose logo is a smiling face star, is from the United States and has entered the Chinese market for nearly 13 years.

◼ Image source: Kalexing Weibo

In 2009, CKE Catering Group, the parent company of Calstar, entered Shanghai through cooperation with Bread Talk, and has opened stores in Shanghai, Fujian and other places for more than ten years (Fujian stores are represented by Fujian Meitianmei Catering Management Co., Ltd.).
When it first entered the Chinese market, Calstar was full of ambitions for the Chinese market. It planned to open about 500 restaurants in five years by regional franchise.
At that time, Kalexing required the franchisees to have assets of at least 5 million US dollars (equivalent to 20.4933 million yuan at the exchange rate in 2009) and extensive commercial resources in the franchise region.
However, as far as the subsequent development of Kale Star is concerned, CKE Catering Group has not achieved a large-scale “horse racing enclosure” in the mainland market through franchise.
Kalexing seems to be “acclimatized” in the Chinese market.
Kale Star is very famous abroad, especially in the United States, and is considered as
To some extent, TFI really understands Chinese consumers. On May 15, 2020, when Popeye Huaihai Middle Road opened its first store in China, it launched a discount of 35%, which attracted more than 50000 consumers to get coupons on the official account in advance and earned a large wave of popularity. After that, Popeye once became a popular Western style fast food punch card restaurant in Little Red Book.
However, Popeyes’s business plan of “1500 stores in five years” also encountered an episode. On August 9 this year, Popeye’s stores in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai were suddenly closed. RBI, the parent company of Popeye, released a press release saying that it may change the operation right of Popeye’s business in China to Descartes Capital, which is the driving force behind Tims Coffee in China.
At present, popeye’s only stores in business are the flagship store on Huaihai Middle Road in Shanghai and the Xinmei Union Square store.
Feng Shui takes turns. In the past two years, the big Internet celebrity of Hamburg has become Shake Shack (SHAK. NYSE), known as the “New York Fashion Hamburger Shop”.
Compared with the per capita consumption of Kalexing and Popeye of about 50 yuan, the per capita price of Shake Shack is higher, about twice as high. This price is between fast food chains and fine hamburger bars, but it does not affect the popularity of consumers. Shake Shack’s first store in Xintiandi, Shanghai, set a record of queuing for nearly 7 hours.

Shake Shack’s “fashion” is reflected in its requirements for the location of its stores. For its current stores in Shanghai, Xintiandi, Jing’an Kerry, Ganghui Henglong, Guojin Center and Qiantan Taikoo Li are all absolute core business districts.

◼ On the evening of November 22, Shake Shack Port Huihenglong Store/Time Weekly reporter
For China’s market planning, Shake Shack put forward a preliminary idea in the financial report: he plans to expand 15 stores in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other southern cities in China by 2030.
However, it is worth noting that although Kale Star will close its stores intensively in 2022, it will not be so determined to withdraw from the market in a certain region in combination with its previous business situation.
Kalstar withdrew from the Japanese market in 1997 and returned in 2016; Withdraw from the Brazilian market in 2018, and start looking for Brazilian investors this year. Perhaps in the near future, the classic star smiley face logo can be seen again in China. After all, the market in Chinese Mainland is still in the state of seeking for franchise cooperation on the official website of Kale Star.
Author: Huo Dongyang; Source: No. 19 Business Research Institute (ID: time_biz), reprinting has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media cooperation: Jennifer (WeChat: 15151447934);
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Can’t you eat the sexy burger on the Super Bowl?
风水轮流转,这两年汉堡届的大网红变成了被誉为“纽约时髦汉堡店”的Shake Shack (SHAK. NYSE)。
相较于卡乐星和 Popeyes人均消费约50元人民币,Shake Shack人均价格更高,大约近高两倍。该价位介于快餐连锁和精致汉堡吧之间,但这并不影响消费者的追捧,Shake Shack在上海新天地的首店曾创下排队近7小时的记录。
Shake Shack的“时髦”体现在其对门店的选址要求上,以其目前在上海的门店来说,新天地、静安嘉里、港汇恒隆、国金中心和前滩太古里都是绝对的核心商圈。

◼︎11月22日晚,Shake Shack 港汇恒隆店/时代周报记者摄

对于中国市场规划,Shake Shack在财报提出了初步构想:计划在2030年之前在中国深圳、广州等南方城市拓展15家门店。



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