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The person in charge of Nestle Espresso said that the speed in China was not fast enough. Wang Xing responded to Tencent’s reduction, and Ma Liuji was accused of “winning Ma”. Other meat customers disturbed the “plant meat” industry, and the casinger Devro was sold

Information and announcement of hot companies


Luo Jinpeng, former president of Alibaba Youmeng+, joined Starbucks China as CTO

Jasper Luo, former president of Youmeng+, Alibaba’s data intelligent service provider, joined Starbucks China earlier this year and took the position of CTO before Starbucks China announced that Chairman Wang Jingying was returning to CEO (October 11). According to the annual report of Starbucks for fiscal year 2022, the document mentioned the importance of establishing digital connections with customers many times. It is mentioned in the document that Starbucks also announced the investment plan of “Digital Third Space”, which enables Starbucks members to obtain new benefits, digital community and immersive coffee experience, and establish connection with Starbucks by “providing customers with heart and experience”. (I knew about the IPO long ago)

Nestle Nespresso Lin Shangming: We are not fast enough in China

Lin Shangming, the person in charge of Nespresso in China, said that in the past 15 years in China, based on capsule series and original production line machines, Nespresso has been growing rapidly, but the household penetration rate is still very low and there is great room for growth. “In the next few years, we will cultivate the chassis of people who love classic European espresso. Through online technology, we can now enter a larger group (young people, low line). We are not fast enough, and we hope to be as flexible as our local competitors.” (36 krypton)

Ma Liuji is accused of “winning Ma”

Wang Xiaofei and his ex-wife Big S are still in the heat of “tearing each other up”. The onlookers run to Zhang Lan’s mother’s live broadcast room to “eat melons” and accidentally bring the Malauji hot and sour powder to the fire. Up to now, the number of fans of Maliuji Tiktok studio has exceeded 1.34 million, and the sales volume has exceeded 4.7 million. It is reported that the foundry of Maliuji hot and sour powder is Ah Kuan Food, the foundry of Li Ziqi. At present, this enterprise is rushing to IPO. (Securities Times)

Old Uncle Rush IPO

Recently, Lao Niang Uncle Catering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lao Niang Uncle), which focuses on Chinese fast food, disclosed its prospectus and joined the “battle for the first share” of Chinese fast food. My uncle plans to go to the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange and raise 832 million yuan. Affected by the epidemic, the net profit of the old lady brother fluctuated during the reporting period, with a sharp decrease of more than two-thirds in 2020. The prospectus shows that the net profit of the old lady brother from 2019 to 2021 will be 65.7653 million yuan, 21.7554 million yuan and 63.847 million yuan respectively. (Popular Securities News)

Christine was listed as a dishonest executor

According to the enterprise investigation website, Shanghai Christine Food Co., Ltd. has been listed as a dishonest executor by the People’s Court of Jinshan District, Shanghai, for refusing to perform the obligations specified in the effective legal documents due to its ability to perform. The cause of action is the dispute over the housing lease contract. The court ruled that the bank deposit of the respondent, Shanghai Christine Food Co., Ltd., was frozen at 84583.30 yuan, or its property of corresponding value was sealed up and detained. (Hongyan)


Yesterday, sipping, sipping

The management also said that as the company continues to develop its business in the mainland, it may explore to use the expertise obtained from the mainland to provide products and services to consumers in some overseas markets. As a special administrative region of China, Hong Kong has diverse languages and cultures, and residents are connected with the mainland in their eating habits, so the Hong Kong market is a good testing ground for the company. (Pengpai, Hong Kong Economic Daily)

Amazon will close the catering delivery business in India

Amazon said yesterday that it would close its catering delivery business, which is being tested in India. The company said that the relevant businesses being piloted in the southern Indian city of Bangalore will stop operating. A company spokesman said that this was part of the evaluation process of its annual operating plan. Reuters

US “Black Friday” may be downgraded in case of consumption

On November 25, the annual “Black Friday” shopping festival in the United States kicked off. All kinds of signs show that American consumers are more cautious in their shopping plans than before, and this year’s “Black Five” may encounter a consumption downgrade. According to media reports, American consumers will generally control spending during the “Black Five” period this year, spend most of their budgets on necessities and reduce spending on other categories of goods. Wal Mart also said on the recent financial report conference that American shoppers are very nervous about their money bags. With less disposable income, they are increasingly concerned about high-quality and inexpensive goods. (Economic Daily)

Messi’s alone company is going to IPO

On November 18, MGO Global Inc. (hereinafter referred to as MGO), a brand portfolio company behind the Messi Brand of Lionel Messi, an Argentine football star, submitted an application for listing to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States. It plans to list on NASDAQ under the code of MGOL. In this IPO, MGO plans to raise $8 million by issuing 1.5 million shares at a price of $5, and the company’s market value is about $69 million. (Touzhong Network)

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The person in charge of Nestle Espresso said that the speed in China was not fast enough. Wang Xing responded to Tencent’s reduction, and Ma Liuji was accused of “winning Ma”. Other meat customers disturbed the “plant meat” industry, and the casinger Devro was sold


过去一年,“植物肉”公司别样肉客(Beyond Meat)股价下跌了近 83%。该公司曾预计今年销售额将增长33%,但现在可能仅出现小幅增长。10 月下旬,该公司表示将裁员19%。投资者争论的是,困境是其特有的,还是“植物肉”行业更深层次问题的预兆。“在品类层面,我们看到‘植物肉‘的销量已经连续 22个月下降。”有分析师指出,几年前,投资者预计该类别会年复一年地实现爆炸式增长,现在他们正在重新考虑这些期望。“我们对其未来持乐观态度,但这是一个20到25年的故事,这不会在三五十年内发生。”(纽约时报)











11月18日,阿根廷球星莱昂内尔·梅西(Lionel Messi)的梅西品牌(Messi Brand)背后的品牌组合公司MGO Global Inc. (下称MGO),向美国证券交易委员会(SEC)提交上市申请,计划在纳斯达克上市,代码为MGOL。此次IPO,MGO计划通过以 5 美元的价格发行 150 万股股票来筹集 800 万美元,公司市值约为6900万美元。(投中网)


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