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The sales volume of Qiaolezi has exceeded 5 billion, and we have reviewed its playing methods. Here are the findings

Joyce broke his own record.

Recently, it was reported that the sales of ice cream brand Chocolate would exceed 5 billion in 2022. Against the backdrop of uncertainty in the overall environment, this counter trend growth not only created the “highest” performance record of Chocolate in history, but also comprehensively outperformed the industry, which is really rare.

Previously, according to the research report of Kaidu Consumer Index of CCTV Market Research Co., Ltd., the sales share of Qiaolezi in the packaged ice cream category continued to rank first in recent years.

In fact, Qiaolezi has been operating carefully for many years, including carefully observing and listening to the needs of consumers, maintaining the same frequency of communication with consumers, constantly cutting into the segment track through user co creation and other ways, and constantly launching products that consumers really like; At the same time, Qiaolezi will take the initiative to enter the world of the core group of its brand and play with young people; More importantly, Qiaolezi actively engages in public welfare undertakings to create deeper emotional resonance with the public.

So, how does Qiaolezi do it? Let’s have a look.


First of all, Qiaolezi can occupy the first place in the market share of the industry because it keeps up with the new trend of consumption, constantly cuts into the subdivided track, builds an increasingly diversified product matrix, and wins the favor of more young people with new consumption ideas.

The birth of Qiaolezi is a precise grasp of the subdivision track. According to the data, in 2003, Chocolate was born at the right time to meet the consumer demand. Chocolate ice products were selected to subdivide the track and open the ice product market by introducing two pieces of Chocolate Crisp Bar and Fragrant Milk Bar. The data shows that Qiaocui Bar can circle the earth 4 times every year when it sells products end-to-end.

In the subsequent development, Qiaolezi continued to subdivide the product line in the subdivided track, continuously expand the product system, and also ranked first in the market share of the industry.

First, in 2007, Qiaolezi launched more satisfied large brittle cylinder products. In 2016, Qiaolezi launched a series of medium brittle cylinder products, which strongly cut the brittle cylinder market. In 2019, Qiaolezi will once again keep up with the new demand direction of consumer groups, enter the mini market and launch small V-tube series products.

In addition to constantly expanding the product matrix, Qiaolezi also meets the dual demands of consumers for “delicacy” and “novelty” by continuously creating annual blockbusters with high sales and lasting product vitality. According to the data, the Qiaoleziqiao velvet product was a popular product in small red books when it was launched in 2019, with more than 100 million pieces sold; In 2022, Qiaolezi launched a new product, Lava Qiaoqiao, which detonates the network.

Qiaolezi has successively launched segmented track products and industry blockbusters, which are closely related to its ability to carefully listen to and insight into the voice of consumers. The snack generation noticed that Qiaolezi would open the channel and invite consumers to comment on and rate its products from multiple dimensions such as taste, packaging, cost performance, etc. Then, based on the collected consumer evaluation, do big data analysis, and according to the big data analysis, adjust the product taste, upgrade the packaging or optimize the price.

Not only that, Qiaolezi also cooperates with consumers to create new products. It is reported that when Qiaolezi interacts with young consumers on the social platform, he will propose “What new words do you want Qiaolezi to say?”


What’s more, Qiaolezi attracted consumers to the “Qiaolezi Chocliz” small program platform in private domain through the item code activity to realize the water storage of brand private domain traffic, and opened the closed-loop of item code marketing with the help of the online mall. Qiaolezi can effectively activate fans through a variety of effective private domain operation methods such as private domain platform applet interaction, online membership system construction, and irregular mall activities, so as to realize the mining of user value.

According to public reports, in 2022, the number of Chocliz app members will exceed 10 million, and the per capita user stay time will be nearly 100s, successfully completing the magnificent transformation of digital brand construction.

While interacting with more consumers, Qiaolezi also participates in more public welfare activities and practices corporate social responsibility.

In this year, Qiaolezi launched a public welfare activity with the theme of “Let Love Resolve Loneliness” for autistic children. Qiaolezi launched a customized product with creative paintings of autistic children printed on the packaging box, and will donate a sum of money to Shanghai Charity Foundation every time a box is sold to help autistic teenagers grow up healthily.

In addition, Qiaolezi also cares for autistic children by showing short films about autistic family life and providing opportunities to show their paintings in their small programs. Qiaolezi realizes deeper emotional communication with consumers by taking action with temperature.

The brand slogan of “It’s unreasonable to like you” is one of the public’s memories of Qiaolezi. However, the series of actions of Qiaolezi make consumers like it for a real reason.

On the one hand, Qiaolezi is good at listening to and insight into consumer demand, giving consumers the opportunity to give advice on products and participate in the discussion on the direction of product innovation and R&D, which enables it to accurately insight into new consumer demand, constantly cut into the segment track, constantly bring popular products to the market, and has the potential to lead the industry in the product end.

On the other hand, Qiaolezi will take the initiative to enter the world of its core audience. By skillfully implanting variety shows, playing with red packets and other ways, it will brush the sense of existence in the hearts of young people, and this sense of existence is not unexpected and popular. Through the marketing method of playing with young people, it will keep the Qiaolezi brand young.


Most importantly, Qiaolezi always insists on deeper emotional interaction with consumers, and makes consumers fully feel the temperature of Qiaolezi brand through all-round public welfare actions.

It is understood that Qiaolezi will continue to make efforts in product innovation, brand communication, emotional interaction and other aspects in the future. Qiaolezi hopes to constantly explore new consumption growth paths, create more novel marketing methods, continuously accumulate brand cultural assets, and bring more surprises to consumers.


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The sales volume of Qiaolezi has exceeded 5 billion, and we have reviewed its playing methods. Here are the findings





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