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In 9 years, Fislan has donated 83.74 million yuan in total, and won the title of “the most socially responsible public welfare brand of the year”

On December 27, in the “2022 NetEase · New Energy – Dairy Industry List Selection” activity, Royal Netherlands Fislan won the award of “the most socially responsible public brand of the year” again. The selection aims to commend those dairy enterprises that can stick to good quality and shoulder corporate social responsibility, and look for the list power of China’s dairy industry.
Fislan won the award of “the most socially responsible public welfare brand of the year” again
Yang Guochao, senior vice president of Fislan China, said at the meeting that this was an all-round recognition and affirmation of Fislan from the organizers in terms of public welfare, product quality and enterprise management. In the future, Fislan will continue to adhere to the mission of “nourishing nature”, actively explore various efficient, innovative and pragmatic forms of public welfare, and actively give back to the community and society.
It is understood that since 2013, Fislan has made many efforts in empowering women, caring for children, supporting dairy industry, nutrition research and education, and has donated a total of 83.74 million yuan, directly helping more than 170000 people improve their nutrition and living environment.
“Three pillars” of public welfare in China
The snack agency has previously introduced that Fislan has built a corporate social responsibility system in China with three pillars: empowering women, caring for children and supporting the dairy industry.
According to the data, since 2016, Fislan has joined hands with the China Rural Development Foundation (formerly the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation) to launch the “Love Sister in the Moon” project. Through the skill training of “teaching people to fish”, Fislan has fully empowered rural women and helped more than 2500 women to achieve 100% resettlement.
In 2022, Guizhou Xishui Training Site of Feishilan Love Moon Sister Project
This year is also the sixth year of the “Love Sister in the Month” project. For the first time, Fislan launched the exploration of “sending education to the county”, bringing teachers, skills and resources to the counties and townships in Sinking, helping to improve the level of maternal and child care and childcare in underdeveloped areas, and also helping more women in need to start new life and effectively help the rural revitalization.
At the same time, the nutrition and health of children is also the focus of Fislan’s close attention. On this year’s 99 Public Welfare Day, Fislan joined hands with partners to participate in the “Aijia Meal Donation” public welfare action of China Rural Development Foundation, and raised more than 50000 nutritious and comprehensive love meals for rural children in underdeveloped areas.
On the 99 Public Welfare Day in 2022, Fislan will unite with key customer partners
Support the public welfare action of “giving together love and food”
Fislan also cooperated with the “Love and Nurture the Future” family early education public service project launched by the China Women’s Development Foundation to create “Love and Nurture Space” in 11 counties and cities across the country, and solved the “last mile” problem of scientific early education through innovative forms such as parent-child activities and public lectures. As of November this year, 80,538 people have benefited. The company has also carried out the donation project of “orphan drinking milk” for many times, and recently announced to donate a new product of 1 million yuan, Meisu Jiaer Yuanyue, to help orphans’ nutrition and health, and protect their physical and mental health.

Children’s innocent smiles in Suzhou Love Education Space
It is worth noting that Chen Ge, president of Fislan China, was also awarded the “Best Trader of the Year”. Under the leadership of Chen Ge, Fislan’s performance will continue to maintain double-digit growth in 2022, with good business health.
Chen Ge believes that the key to the success of an enterprise lies in taking consumers as the center, strengthening brand building, constantly optimizing product competitiveness and promoting brand rejuvenation. At the same time, we will work with strategic key customers and empower local service providers in offline cities. The foundation and internal drive of specific work and achievements come from PPV, that is, the continuous optimization and improvement of talent and culture (PEOPLE), process and visibility (VISIBILITY), so as to continuously improve the efficiency of the organization and operation.
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In 9 years, Fislan has donated 83.74 million yuan in total, and won the title of “the most socially responsible public welfare brand of the year”
今年以来,菲仕兰还推出了美素佳儿羊奶粉、婴幼儿米粉、Dutch Lady五乐维儿童奶粉以及美素佳儿源悦等一系列新品,通过好的产品组合与科学理念,帮助宝宝构筑预防疾病的第一道屏障,同时也为品牌和企业发展带来新的活力和势能。

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