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Wuliangye’s first report card of new leadership achieved steady growth this year

“Learn to bully” Wuliangye again!

“In 2022, Wuliangye achieved double victories in epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, achieved steady growth and long-term overall planning, and achieved double improvement in development scale and development quality”. At the annual Wuliangye December 18 Conference, Zeng Congqin, the party committee secretary and chairman of Wuliangye Group (Co., Ltd.), handed over the “first show” report card of the new Wuliangye leadership.


Wuliangye’s achievements in 2022 are not surprising. According to public data, Wuliangye achieved an operating revenue of 55.78 billion yuan in the first three quarters of this year, up 12.19% year on year, and a net profit attributable to the parent company of 19.989 billion yuan, up 15.36% year on year. More importantly, Wuliangye is the only Baijiu listed company that has achieved double-digit growth in revenue and net profit in a single quarter since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020.

So, what did Wuliangye do right in 2022? How will it work in the future? Let Xiaoshidai lead us to have a look at the Wuliangye 12 · 18 Conference and what information was revealed.


Wuliangye cannot continue its glory without efforts from many aspects. In 2022, Wuliangye will achieve multi-dimensional development by empowering its brand with innovation, highlighting its heritage with culture, highlighting its quality with value, building the future with harmony, and creating a blueprint with development. Wuliangye will spare no effort in brand value improvement, cultural heritage, product quality pursuit, harmonious development, and strategic planning.

In terms of brand innovation, a new generation of Wuliangye leadership led by Zeng Congqin this year has established a new brand concept of Wuliangye, namely, “Big Country Luzhou Fragrance, USUNHOME Wuliang and China’s Wine King”. Guided by the new brand concept, Wuliangye has frequently appeared at major international and national events such as APEC, Boao Forum for Asia, and the Expo.

With unremitting efforts, the brand value of Wuliangye has continued to rise. The brand value has increased by double digits for five consecutive years, reaching 364.619 billion yuan. Its brand image has become more popular. In the 2022 (19th) World Top 500 Brands list compiled exclusively by the World Brand Lab, Wuliangye ranked 239th, up 12 places from last year. For six consecutive years, Wuliangye has maintained a double-digit rise in its ranking, becoming the only “Best performing brand in 2022” in Chinese Baijiu’s liquor industry, showing strong brand power.

In terms of cultural inheritance, Wuliangye held a series of cultural activities this year, such as the Wuliangye Rose Wedding Ceremony, “Greetings! China”, the first USUNHOME Cultural Festival. At the same time, Wuliangye has carried out innovation and inheritance in regional culture. For example, it held the activity of “Great Brightness and Great Bright Feast” in Jiangsu, the activity of “Meeting Wuliangye in Hunan” in Hunan, and the activity of “Plan W, Come for Love” in Anhui.

In 2022, Wuliangye was also successfully selected into the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage tourist attractions and national industrial tourism demonstration bases, launched the construction of cultural projects such as Chinese Baijiu cultural holy land and world-class liquor enterprise portal area, and successively unveiled several Wuliangye cultural experience halls, so as to effectively carry on and innovate liquor culture. More importantly, Wuliangye uses its products to inherit culture. This year

Zeng Congqin’s confidence, on the one hand, came from his research and judgment on the prospects of the industry. He said that from the perspective of industry development trend, the structural prosperity of Baijiu industry is accelerating its evolution. As a fully market-oriented long cycle industry, growth is a long-term trend.

Data shows that the proportion of output, sales revenue and total profit of Sichuan liquor in the national Baijiu industry has increased year by year, from nearly 30% in 2016 to 50%, from 36% to nearly 60%, and from 27% to nearly 40%.

Among them, the proportion of Sichuan liquor listed enterprises represented by Wuliangye in Baijiu production in Sichuan Province has increased significantly, with sales revenue accounting for nearly 30% from 17% in 2016, and total profit accounting for more than 70% from 58% in 2016.

Xiaoshidai noticed that Wuliangye is planning to make a big effort to develop in the future. At the December 18 Conference, Zeng Congqin announced that Wuliangye’s future development will focus on product excellence, outstanding brand, leading innovation and modern governance.

Focusing on “product excellence”, Wuliangye will comprehensively build an ecological barrier, focus on improving quality production capacity, and continue to strengthen product innovation. Focusing on “outstanding brand”, Wuliangye will strengthen the construction of brand culture, highlight the creation of brand characteristics, and innovate the spread of brand culture. Focusing on “leading innovation”, Wuliangye will strengthen technology leadership, digital empowerment and marketing reform. Focusing on “modern governance”, Wuliangye will improve the operation level of listed companies, continue to strengthen the construction of systems and mechanisms, vigorously cultivate modern industrial talents, and strengthen the training of intangible cultural heritage inheritors.


In 2023, Wuliangye will also have a clear layout. It will focus on strengthening the building of characteristic brands, strengthening the cultivation of consumers, improving the product structure system, promoting the reform of marketing organizations, optimizing the marketing strategy, speeding up the construction of multiplication projects, and strengthening the awareness of bottom line thinking.

It can be predicted from the marketing plan of Wuliangye in 2023 that the brand value of Wuliangye is likely to continue to improve next year, and the brand is also trying to further narrow the distance with consumers. At the same time, Wuliangye will further improve its product structure system, provide consumers with more product choices, more accurately motivate dealers, strengthen online channels, increase production capacity and firmly adhere to the three bottom lines of safety, environmental protection and stability.

In general, under the background of economic growth and the clear plan of Wuliangye, the performance of Wuliangye in 2023 is worth looking forward to!

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Wuliangye’s first report card of new leadership achieved steady growth this year





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