The market value of Dongpeng rose nearly 70 billion on the 11th day. Coca Cola wine products cooperated with Origen, willing to drop the limit of wine industry. Nestle China’s first 4-stage partially hydrolyzed milk powder and dingdong rushed to the New York Stock Exchange

The total market value of Dongpeng beverage exceeded 47.2 billion yuan. Beyond meat recruited Amazon executives and meituan set up a science and technology fund of 500 million yuan. All the channels away from Nansha were temporarily closed

Miaolan received more regulatory warnings, Starbucks will stop using disposable cups in many places by 2025, Lancang ancient tea will withdraw IPO materials, Ruiao will push 0 sugar new products, and New Zealand’s dairy exports to China will be strong

Yili responds to rumors of Mead Johnson’s acquisition in China, three child policy drives Danone’s share price, Naixue is accused of seeking IPO approval on Thursday, kafheinz expands its production capacity by nearly 1.3 billion, and Maotai’s shareholders sell wine at nearly 50% price this year